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School & Aboriginal people

'School', Education & Aboriginal Communities:

Preserving and Restoring Identity in Traditional and Modern Communities of Aboriginal Australians; Assimilation Programs and Issues:
See especially the section on education and the barriers Aboriginal students face in mainstream Australian schools - compare to 'Schooling the World'

101 East: Australia's Lost Generation

The disconnect between young people and their land and their culture is believed to be at the heart of increasing numbers of Aboriginal youth suicides - and the steps taken to try to counter it - including 'Rock and Water'!

Three part series on The Dreaming: as good an intro as you'll get in fairly short accounts

‘Dreamtime’ and ‘The Dreaming’ – an introduction

‘Dreamtime’ and ‘The Dreaming’: who dreamed up these terms?

‘Dreamings’ and dreaming narratives: what’s the relationship?

Other websites


Bureau of Meteorology, Indigenous Weather Knowledge

8ways, 8 Aboriginal Ways of Learning

8ways, Wiki Quest (100 minutes) - interesting in parts, but be selective