Tuesday p1-2
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- Homework as per document
  • Willy Wonka - 2 different perceptions
  • Knowledge Claims (p32) - what AoK are they (Post-Its onto cardboard)
  • Knowledge Questions (pp. 46-50)
    • devising knowledge questions from the AoKs' knowledge claims
  • Drama as an 'Art'
(see document)

  • Think of three separate Knowledge Claims (each from a different AoK)
  • For each Knowledge Claim, try to create some Knowledge Questions that range from the narrow focus through to the broad focus.
  • Now choose the broadest of your Knowledge Questions. Can you apply this single Knowledge Question to other situations (Knowledge Claims)? Try to list at least three other Knowledge Claims that are related to your broad Knowledge Question.
  • Upload this task into the wiki (Projects Page)
Lots away at ESS/Geo/Bio etc Camp
The rest did amazing videos, coming soon....

Human Sciences
1. Ms Newcomb was mean to Aprile...
2. What are Human Sciences? (vs Natural Sciences)
3. http://humansciencestok.wordpress.com
4. What is knowledge in HS? How do we measure it?
Experiments discussed:
Milgram's, Stanford Prison Experiment, Asch Conformity (being mean to Aprile), the Marshmallow (Chocolate) delayed gratification Test.
Youtubes of all of these on the link at No. 3

IBO's Ethical Guidelines for Psychology

Vesak Day - No Class

Exams - No Class

Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences
Observation vs Inference
['The Gods Must Be Crazy': Kalahari tribespeople have no idea what a Coke bottle is.]
Presentations Preparation